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Changing money

The monetary unit of Tunisia is the dinar (TND), which is divided into 1000 millimes.
50,-,20,-,10,- and 5,-dinars notes and 5, - and 1, - dinar coins as well as 500,-, 100,-, 50,-, 20,-, 10,- and 5,- millimes coins are in circulation.
A Tunisian Dinar (TND) is approximately 0.469 Euro or 0.6055 US$. The TND is not convertible abroad so be sure to change only what you need. All foreign currency or traveler's cheque can be converted into dinars. The dinar is available from banks, money changers and hotels during the day. There are cash machines almost everywhere, where withdrawals can be made using Visa or MasterCard. Credit cards (American Express, Dinners Club, MasterCard or Visa) are accepted by all tourist establishments as well as many shops and restaurants. You can also re-exchange, when leaving Tunisia (at the airport), the dinars that you would not have spent, on presentation of Exchange receipts. So keep them in that event.

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